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Month: July 2015

3 Health Supplements No One Should Live Without

nootropicsThe best health supplements always seem to be the simplest ones. As far as boosting brain power goes, there are a few key nutrients that will do wonders when taken in supplemental doses. These nutrients are always found in food, so paired with eating clean and exercising, these supplements can and will increase your smarts.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

This healthy fat is among the most important supplements for brain function. This us because most of our brain is composed of a highly-functioning super-fat, and the rest is made up of Docosahexaenoic acid, or DHA. DHA is the type of omega-3 fatty acid that is an essential structural element in our brain, and it must be supplied by our diet. If we do not get enough of this omega-3 fat in the food we eat, which most Americans do not, then our brain literally starts to malfunction and degrade.

Luckily, omega-3 fats and DHA can be found easily once you know where to look. Look for the best quality fish and algae oil supplements, like krill, cod liver, salmon, spirulina and chlorella. By taking the recommended dose of 600-1000 milligrams daily, you can stop brain inflammation and reverse psychological deficits, such as memory loss and cognitive function. They can also help boost mental performance, raise your learning capacity and increase verbal fluency.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has proven to be one of the best sources of fuel for your brain. This is due to its medium chain triglycerides, or MCTs. The brain prefers MCT as a source of energy over glucose, the most common type of sugar, and it will utilize MCT before using glucose. MCT is actually a longer-lasting fuel source than glucose is. Coconut oil promotes neuron and nerve function and can even prevent and reverse its atrophy.

At a mere 20 grams a day – that’s just two heaping tablespoons – you can expect to notice easier speech fluency and greater mental stability. Coconut oil can improve memory recall and retention, as well as increase cognitive performance.

Vitamin B12

The B complex vitamins are crucial nutrients for the brain, but B12 plays a special role in mental health and maintaining brain volume. Vitamin B12 is the specific nutrient your brain needs in order to have good memory, focus, concentration and mood stability. The most common warning signs of a B12 deficiency are mind fog, poor memory recall and irritability. Deficiencies are extremely common since it is naturally more difficult for the body to absorb and metabolize efficiently.

It’s especially important for aging and elderly people to take increased amounts of supplemental B12 to protect against brain inflammation and atrophy. Look for whole food-based supplements, as they are the most likely to be absorbed and used by the brain.

These are three of the most important nutrients for maintaining brain health and bolstering the mental capacity of the mind. When used together, they will support the smarts in innumerable ways, but among them is faster, more effortless mental processing, better recall and a stronger memory.